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Week 6 Content

Week 6: The Enlightenment of Peter "From Denying to Thriving"

Ice Breaker 🧊

Tradition-Share some of the traditions you grew up with as a child or any

new traditions that you have started since becoming an adult. Traditions

help us find a sense of belonging and nurture connection to those we build

traditions with. They remind us who we are and where we have come

from. Sometimes those traditions change as we grow and become

independent. Today we will learn how Peter grew as a follower of Christ.

Show Video 📺

Discussion Questions❓

1- What stands out to you most about the story of Peter?

2- Peter was known to be an impulsive person. Peter told Jesus he would be

with Him no matter what. (John 13:36-38) but then he ended up denying Him

three times (John 18:15-18, 25-27). And just before that, Peter cut the ear off on

of the soldiers (John 18:10) that came to arrest Jesus. Jesus put the ear back

on. (Luke 22:51). Peter was sincere in his intentions to follow Christ, so why do

you think he wavered during the time of Jesus’ arrest?

3- We see two events that helped bring change to Peter’s life. The first was

when Jesus reinstated Peter after his denial. Read John 21:15-19. Why do you

think that Jesus asked Peter if he loved him three different times? What did

Jesus tell Peter to do after he confessed love for Him?

4- The second event happened on the Day of Pentecost. Read Acts 2:1-8. What

happened in this scripture that brought power to Peter’s life?

5- The Holy Spirit empowered the believers to do what they could not do on their

own. They began to speak in a way that allowed others to understand them in their own language. What are some things the Holy Spirit can empower us to do


6- After this experience, we see Peter accomplishing many things. Discuss one

or two of the following events and see how God used Peter.

• He spoke to a large crowd and around 3,000 people came to know Christ (Acts


  • He and John healed a lame beggar (Acts 3:1-10).

  • His courage helped others know He had been with Jesus (Acts 4:13).

  • God used Peter’s shadow to bring healing to people (Acts 5:15).

7- Share a time when God’s power was at work in or through your life.

8- God used Peter in many ways, and in Acts 12 we see how God even broke

Peter out of prison. Read Acts 12:6-8. What did God do that allowed Peter to

walk out of prison? God wants to move our chains as well. What are some

chains that keep us from following Him?

9- We can see how God brought change thought the life of Peter. Discuss how

Peter went from...

  • Fearful to Faithful

  • Anxious to Calm

  • Chained to Free

Wrap Up 🎁

Share one or two thoughts or principles that you have gained from this study

that have been an encouragement to you as you continue forward in following

God’s will.

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