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Week 4 Content

Week 4: The Nobility of Esther "From Beauty to Integrity"

Ice Breaker 🧊

Change of taste. What’s a food you use to hate and now love?

Share Bean Boozled jelly beans. You can play this as a game, or just let

everyone try one and give their reaction. Dave often says “How we treat

people matters”. This is so true as we will see in the story of Esther.

Show Video 📺

Discussion Questions ❓

1- What stands out to you the most about the story of Esther?

2- Read Esther 2:8-9 and 17-18. What led to Esther becoming queen?

3- God used Esther’s upbringing and physical attributes to put her in the

position of queen. How has God used your upbringing, past, or abilities to put

you in a certain position in life?

4- Read Esther 2:19-23. Haman sought to have all the Jews killed because

Mordecai, Esther’s cousin, would not bow down to him. Haman convinced the

King to make this happen but the king did not realize Esther was a Jew. Why do

you think Haman acted with such drastic measures?

5- Proverbs 16:18 says “pride goes before destruction.” Have you or someone

you have known ever over-reacted due to their own pride? Share about the


6- Read Esther 4:9-11. When Mordecai found out about Haman’s plan, he went

to Esther for help. What was her initial response?

7- Read Esther 4:12-16. How did Esther respond after Mordecai’s reminder of the

possibility that God had placed her in this position to save her people?

8- Our willingness to put the spiritual possibilities over the physical comforts is

the key to allowing God to work in our lives. In what ways has God positioned

you to make a difference?

9- Once Esther took a step of faith to go before the king, everything as put in

motion for the Jews to be saved. Haman was destroyed, Mordecai was

honored, and God’s people were protected.

10- Is there something holding you back from allowing God to use you? Esther


Wrap Up 🎁

Share one or two thoughts or principles that you have gained from this study

that have been an encouragement to you as you continue forward in following

God’s will.

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