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Week 7 Content

Week 7: The Development of the Disciples "From Lost to Found"

Today’s lesson will be a little different. Realizing this is the last week for

this study, we wanted to leave you time to talk about what might be next for

your group and celebrate your time together. You may even decide to plan

something special for this night.

Ice Breaker 🧊

Show Progressive commercial clips. These clips are comical, but there is

some truth to them. How have you noticed yourself becoming more like

your parents? The disciples experienced change when they started

following Jesus. Life becomes different and hopefully we do become more

like Him.

Show Video 📺

Discussion Questions❓

1- What stands out to you most about the story of the Disciples?

2- Just for fun, take a moment and see how many Disciples you can name from

memory. Now read Matthew 10:2-4 to see how you did.

3- Read and discuss the following scripture on how the Disciples were called.

  • Luke 5:4-11

  • Luke 5:27-28

  • John 1:43-51

  • Mark 3:13-19

It wasn’t that what the Disciples were doing was bad, but Jesus simply had

more for them.

4- The Disciples had to make a decision to leave something good for something

better. Has there been a time in your life that God has asked you to do the same? Or do you feel like there is something now that He is asking you to leave in order for His will to be done in your life?

Wrap Up 🎁

Share one or two thoughts or principles that you gained from this study that has

been an encouragement to you as you continue forward in following God’s will.

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