Infants (weekly fee)        


Toddlers (weekly fee)    


2’s (weekly fee)          


3’s, 4’s, & Kindergarten                 


Part –time (3’s & up) 


Public Before/After School     


Holiday/Snow Day  


Summer Break, Spring Break, Christmas Break  


Late Pick-Up Fee    


Sibling Discount             



*Part-time will not be offered in 2’s & under.  Sibling discounts will apply to second/third child paying the lesser weekly fee.

*Infant toddler through kindergarten full time rate includes care from 6am-6pm as well as breakfast, lunch and snacks


*Hours – 7:00am– 6:00pm Monday – Friday

Registration Fee               $90.00     (non refundable)    Due upon registration 

Materials & Books Fee    $100.00    2 Year Olds             Due August 8th

                                            $125.00    3 Year Olds

                                            $150.00    4 Year Olds

                                            $200.00    Kindergarten

**Vacation: Students who attend full time January-December will be given 

                    two weeks of vacation.  Students who attend full time 

                    August-May will be given one week vacation.  Vacations are to 

                    be used weekly and will not carry over to the next year.  Please 

                    submit your vacation request 2 weeks in advance.

$150.00 (full time only)


$140.00 (full time only)


$130.00 (full time only)


$120.00 per week


$90.00 per week (1/2 day/3 days or less)


$45.00 per week (K-4th grade)


$25.00 per day (K-4th grade) $15.00 per sibling


$120.00 per week (K-4th grade)


$10.00 per 15 minute intervals (per child)


$10.00 per week per each additional child