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Week 2 Content

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Week 2: The Hope of The Invalid "From Unseen to Seen"

Ice Breaker 🧊

Crossing arms. Instruct everyone to cross their arms. Notice and compare

which arm is on top. Now try to switch which arm is on top. Notice the

difference. Is it more difficult? Sometimes change is hard. We will explore this

thought through the story of the invalid.

Show Video 📺

Discussion Questions❓

1- What stands out to you the most about the story of the Invalid?

2- Before Jesus came along, the invalid was dependent on other people and had

little hope. Have you ever been in a similar situation?

3- Because of his situation, he was also considered to be in-valid. Share a time

you may have felt in-valid.

4- Read John 5:1-7. Why do you think Jesus asked him if he wanted to get well?

5- How did the invalid respond?

6- His situation did seem hopeless because he could not do what needed to be

done in his own power... There are some things only Jesus can heal. Discuss the

power and truth of that statement.

7- It’s often been said that it is easier to be sick than healthy, because when we

are healthy, there are things expected from us. Do you agree or disagree with

that statement?

8- Read John 15:8-13. What actions did Jesus tell the man to take?

9- Discuss what each action meant for the invalid.

  • Get up (Physical action and faith)

  • Pick up your mat (because this was on the Sabbath this was going against the traditions and religious law of the day)

  • Walk (it wasn’t enough just to be healed, but now He was called to follow what Jesus had next for his life.)

10- Now discuss what each of these three actions means for us personally.

11- Read John 1:14-15. Jesus not only wanted physical healing for the man, bt

more importantly spiritual healing. This meant change. Change is difficult. The

fear of staying the same has to be greater than the fear of change... sometimes

things need change in order to gain spiritual healing. Are there any changes

that you feel convicted about or are difficult for you?

Wrap Up 🎁

Share one or two thoughts or principles that you have gained from this study

that have been an encouragement to you as you continue forward in following

God’s will.

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