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Week 1 Content

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Week 1: The Character of Gideon - From Weak to Warrior

Ice Breaker 🧊

Show your picture from childhood.

  • What’s the most noticeable difference in how you looked then to how you look now?

  • What stood out. To you most about your picture?

  • Often we see the negative in ourselves, but God sees us in a different manner. Tonight we’re going to learn about how God saw something different in Gideon than he saw in himself.

Show Video 📺

Discussion Questions❓

1- What stands out to you the most about the story of Gideon?

2- How did God see Gideon?

3- How do you think God sees us?

4- Why do you think Gideon struggled to see himself as God saw him?

5- How can you relate to Gideon’s struggles?

6- Read Judges 6:15-16 and discuss this statement- “God’s presence is the

beginning of every answer.”

7- Discuss these three statements and how they pertained to Gideon but also

how they can pertain to our lives as well.

• God has a master plan.

• He has a place for us in it.

• He gives us the opportunity to join.

8- God really took over Gideon’s life once Gideon followed God’s leadership on

tearing down the altar that his own dad built.What is something we have to tear down in our lives in order for God to start building something new?

9- Judges 6:36-40 tells of Gideon putting a fleece before God. What do you

think was the purpose of this? Have you ever done something similar?

10- Judges 7 tells of God reducing the amount of Gideon’s army from 32,000

men to 300. Why do you think God did this and how did Gideon respond? How

would you have responded?

11- Judges 7:11 says that the 300 that remained actually were given the

provisions and trumpets of those that were no longer with them. These

trumpets were instrumental (pun intended) in their victory. What are some

things we have received from those who have gone before us, that help us have

success today?

Wrap Up 🎁

Share one or two thoughts or principles that you have gained from this study

that have been an encouragement to you as you continue forward in following

God’s will.

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