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Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Test blog to see how this system works.

I hope you enjoy this blog. I‘m just testing the system in preparation of the FCOG Uganda Mission in September 2019. End of post 1.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Plane is here. It’s being cleaned. The crew is sitting behind us in the boarding area. They are waiting too! MJ and Sydney have gone for snacks. The crew is eating too Their food smells delicious. I know that‘s a red herring. There is no such thing as good food at the airport.

Boarding starts in 2-3 minutes!!! Don’t know why hearing that message is got me excited. We’ll be the last ones on. Yep, checked my boarding pass — we’re in boarding group C. MJ and Sydney are back. End of post 2.

The crew getting ready to get on the plane, while the sun sets behind them through the window at Chicago O’Hare.

Slept until the last hour of the flight to London. Like food, nothing is good at an airport or on a plane. I really struggled to get comfortable during the first couple hours of the flight. The turning point was when I did some in-seat leg stretches. That really seemed to help, and I slept much better for the last hours airborne. Did not leave my seat at any time during the 7 hour, 20 minute flight. Add on to that the hour we sat on the tarmac in Chicago and it’s been roughly 8 and a half hours of sitting in this middle seat.

Despite that it’s been better than I expected. We are flying the discount carrier Norwegian Air. This flight however is being operated by Wamos Air. I think Norwegian is short aircraft because if the Dreamliner grounding. Plane is nice and as spacious as what I would have expected from Delta. We are on an Airbus 330-200. No food or drinks for us, or most of the passengers. It’s not included in our low fare tickets. We did not even choose our seats ($45 up charge per seat). Our seats were assigned by the airline. Row 32, seats F, G, H. They are together but split by the right side aisle. Sydney and MJ have

aisle seats.

I’m composing this on the plane. As we started to descend, the person in the window seat next to Sydney opened the shade. He was the first one on this plane to do so. The sun came streaming through. What a great sight to behold!

End of Post 3

We woke up in Paris for the first time! The City of Lights will have to wait. Need food!

Breakfast is a $30 continental breakfast at the motel. This is apparently the wrong continent for a free breakfast. It was pretty good food however. Coffee needs work.

Sydney successfully navigated us to the train station and pointed us in the right direction — to the Louvre. We pre-purchased tickets for a 10 AM arrival this morning. They let go on to the entrance line at 9 AM without batting an eye. We weaved through the line outside in a little more than a half an hour.

Two weeks ago Paris was in a heat wave, 114 degree days. Not today. It might have been 70 degrees in line.

The Mona Lisa was the first stop. Honestly not that great.

From 25 feet away it was just another painting. Could have been a poster for all I could tell. It didn’t move me at all. But the museum itself was quite moving. Lots of absolutely stunning art and artifacts! One extraordinary thing after the other!!!

As I walked the halls I would see groups of people congregating in an area. Sometimes it was a tour group, sometimes it was people mesmerized by just another masterpiece at the Louvre.

We left a little before noon. It took 20 minutes to find our way out. That place is huge. ell worth the $25. Sydney was only $17.

End of post 4.


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