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Week 3 Content

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Week 3: The Attitude of Joseph "From Dreamer to Director"

Ice Breaker

Change of Perspective. Hold your pointer finger up in the air and start

moving it in a circle in clockwise direction. Watch your finger! Now slowly

while keeping your finger in a circular motion move your finger down below

your eyes. What direction is your finger moving? It should be moving in a

counter clockwise direction even though you did not change the direction

you were moving your finger. This is due to a change in perspective.

Joseph ultimately teaches us about a change in perspective as God uses

all things for our good.

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Discussion Questions

1- What stands out to you the most about the story of Joseph?

2- Read Genesis 37:5-11. Joesph is known as the dreamer. Why did his dad and

brothers have issue with these dreams?

3- Read Genesis 37:26-28. Why do you think his brothers responded the way

they did?

4- We see that his brothers responded negatively to Joseph’s dreams out of

jealousy and fear. Have we ever responded in a similar manner to the

successes or dreams of others? If so, why do you think that is?

5- The reality is that sometimes bad things happen. From Joesph we learn that

even in the midst of bad things, God honors good character. Share a time you

feel that God honored your character.

6- Throughout Joseph’s life he was enslaved, wrongly imprisoned, and forgotten.

Discuss some of the setbacks that he experienced during these times.

7- What are some of the setbacks we experience in today’s culture or that you

have experienced personally?

8- God is always with us even during our setbacks. Read the following

scriptures to see how God was with Joseph. Genesis 39: 2, 21, and 23.

9- The fact that God was with Joseph, brought him through several difficult

situation. Joseph rebounded from being sold into slavery, from being in prison,

and from being forgotten. Ultimately Joseph became second in command in all

of Egypt. Read the following scripture and discuss how Joseph was able to

keep everything in perspective. Genesis 45:4-5 and Genesis 50:19-20

Wrap Up

Share one or two thoughts or principles that you have gained from this study

that have been an encouragement to you as you continue forward in following

God’s will.

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