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PPE Ministry

The ministry idea that comes from PPE is to pray, see what God is doing,
prepare ourselves as needed and then enact by fulfilling the role that God puts in
front of us.

SMART - Goal Setting - (Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time bound)
Prayer - Our goal would be for 200 people to pray through the church directory at
least one time per week. We would have a way to have people check in when
they do so. This way people can know they are being prayed for and encourage
folks to get in the directory.


We would have prayer teams of two to go to homes to pray for folks that request
it. (During this time we would pray outside and/or wear a mask as needed).


Continue to encourage folks to pray over their 360 prayer cards.

Pray specifically for God’s wisdom for our church and community.

Prepare - Our goal would be to have 150 people sign up for a 10-6 small group,
either at the church or outside on their patio. This would allow people to have
connections without feeling they have to be indoors or be too close to others
physically. (10 people, 6 feet apart).


The other way of preparing would be to contact the church office by sharing
needs and opportunities where we could help as a whole.


Enact - This is where we would actually meet needs in practical ways for people.
We could do a monthly Servant Saturday where we meet to go to different homes
of folks in the church and community to do some work. We could help meet folks
needs by going in teams to their homes to help rake leaves, mow grass, fix small
items, etc.


We would also have a data base that would allow us to match the needs of
people with resources of folks in the church that could help. Some of this will be
through doing work, but it also could be through supplying old appliances, etc. to
folks that need them.

If you are interested in getting involved, please click the "I'm Interested" button below and fill out the form. 

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